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I Want to Hear Your Assessment of Privatized Solid Waste Management in Indian Localities

January 3, 2013

At the insistence of the World Bank and other like-minded providers of development aid, India’s government is privatizing municipal solid waste management in cities and towns nationwide. The outcome of this privatization drive is not publicly reported in a timely or comprehensive manner, so the public has no way of overseeing its result.

It is important for the public to monitor this initiative because the privatization of waste management directly and significantly influences the quality of life of millions of people.

If solid waste management has been privatized in your locality in India, I encourage you to tell me about the results.

So far, efforts to privatize waste management in Puducherry, Bangalore, Amritsar, and Chennai have failed to bring waste management in those localities into compliance with the government’s regulations, which are designed to protect the environment and safeguard public health.

The promoters of public service privatization– the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, USAID, and GIZ (formerly GTZ)–won’t divulge the findings of evaluations of privatization efforts. Therefore, I’m requesting all who read this blog to tell me about efforts to privatize municipal solid waste management in Indian cities and towns.

So far, we know the following:

Kivar Environ, which began collecting, hauling, and dumping waste from Pondicherry in January 2011, quit in April 2012, in the second year of a 19-year contract.

In August 2012, Antony Waste Management, which was contracted in 2009 to collect, haul, and dump waste from Amritsar, quit their 7-year contract.

Ramky’s landfill in Mavallipura, which receives waste from Bangalore, has been a debacle. Supposedly designed to last for 20 years, the landfill was overflowing after just three years and has turned its surrounding area into an ecological sacrifice zone.

Efforts to privatize waste management in Chennai have repeatedly flopped.

If waste management in your locality has been privatized, I’d like to hear from you about it. Please contact me through this blog’s comments feature.

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